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Beautifully Traditional Furniture and Decor with Sustainability at its heart

Everyone deserves to have their own beautiful, relaxing space to call home, in fact we now understand this is essential for our wellbeing.


We have made it our mission to source, renovate and re-design unique and stylish furniture and accessories which trump the typical high street purchases in so many different ways.  We are commited to providing you with unique and high-quality home decoration, much of which has been re-imagined, re-made or up-cycled using traditional methods and materials and the very best fabrics and trims​ ensuring we do our bit to respect and preserve our environment.


Increasingly we're encouraged towards 'fast fashion' when it comes to furnishing.  Yet comfort isn't only skin deep and certainly shouldn't cost a fortune.  By choosing our products, you are investing in a healthier planet whilst supporting traditional crafts and artisans.


For more information about our workshop availability and our evaluation and quoting approach.


On the wing of a bird

Traditional craft takes time, patience and care

It's great to see how the world is starting to recognise that it is possible to create beautiful things from other people's cast aways.  DIY is becoming a beautiful and therapeutic distraction.  Sometimes a piece of craftsmanship deserves something more.  It requires time, thought and expertise to return it to its former glory.  We work using traditional techniques, building layer upon layer of time honoured materials where age and life have left a piece needing structure, repair or just care.


Each piece has been carefully named, because they have a beautiful history.  It's our role to rejuvenate the craft that is layered below the surface then add a contemporary twist so each piece will sit perfectly in a modern, sophisticated and thoughtful home.

Thoughtfully reminagined furniture


Rechaise L'Atelier, Le Pelot, Lieu-dit Au Pellot, 32250 Montréal du Gers, France

0033 781 19 97 30

Registered in France. SIRET 53850339200010

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Stunning Bergere Chair for renovation

A. A. Milne

“The things that make me different are the things that make me ME. - Piglet”

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