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We believe in high quality furniture that was made to last, beautifully crafted frames paired with natural materials. Coir, hessian, jute, linen, cotton and wool give longevity to our pieces, helping us do our bit to displace the infatuation with short term, low cost, and disposable fashion. We often find fascinating histories in our search for vintage furniture, providing a constant source of inspiration to us making each piece truly unique.

Consumer trends are at long last starting to recognise such important factors as sustainability, restoration, heritage craftwork, and the importance championing local creative enterprises that are all too often overlooked in the rush to large out of town or online international brands.

We are a small business with big aspirations and we are determined to create distinction from bigger companies who have scale and resources, by offering superior, personalised customer service. Friendly and professional, we want to be your online artisan craft workshop offering, great service and unique, quality products.


We care about the details, we are at the end of a phone and we do answer emails.

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