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A unique collection

We find unique and iconic furniture and breathe life into the heart of their original design.

We've watched the trend developing towards vintage upcycling.  We think there's more that can be done.  With carefully chosen style greats, brave fabric design, beautiful accessorising and finishing.

The Collection

We take time to find the very best of vintage furniture and turn them into icons for the future.  Whether a simple oak framed chair, glorious banquette, or quietly charming side table, we bring a touch of class to our collection.

Whilst accessible and low-cost furnishing brands provide an opportunity for everyone to live in a stylish environment – and we believe that’s essential, we also feel strongly that this can be achieved by turning timeless classics into cutting edge style icons for the future.


Sustainability Matters

We firmly believe that sustainability can be achieved by fundamentally reducing the amount of waste in the world.  That includes considering the way we decorate and furnish our homes. 

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