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Fraser & Donald (NOW REHOMED)

Fraser & Donald (NOW REHOMED)

We couldn't resist the beautiful pop of colour from the piping on these beauties.  Two glorious Barley Twist frames that had been pre-loved.  The addition of this custom made wovan tweed (called Celtic Chain) delivers the charm these chairs deserve.  Ideal for a reading room, the head and tail of a dining table, or your favourite coffee spot.  


    I have been carefully rebuilt using traditional methods. You won't find any staples in my frame! My fabric has been carefully designed and printed with your home in mind. Balancing beauty, colour and style.

    My fabric is long lasting upholstery grade, and can be gently cleaned with mild detergent.



    We've been built to the very highest standard but it's important to remember that I haven't just headed out of the factory. So if you find anything that you're not delighted with, just reach out to the team at Rechaise and we'll see how we can help.



    We can ship to most places in the world, but of course there will be a precise cost depending on your destination. We will provide you with a quote the moment you confirm that you'd like to buy us.

550,00 €Price
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